You are bonded but to whom.....???

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Someone gives you gift, and you feel like you want to help him, serve him to return that favor he blessed you with and more!

Company provide you with salary, and you don't think of disobeying your managers. It may go farther with your manager controlling your actions and giving you unrelated orders! You obey with sympathy on yourself!
Allah created you! All by all! You & your senses, talents, abilities, environment, parents, friends and unlimited countless blessing, yet He gives you free will to choose right from wrong, yet most of us humans choose to disobey and some even are willing to fight against their Lord and oppose him!
Respect yourself, obey, repent, feel free and serve your Lord!
He promised paradise & mercy for those who chose righteousness, And pain & fire for those who chose to go stray!
Our brother Fromer Loon speeks about his journey--


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