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Lets talk facts........facts,,,, extreme facts
Do you know?
One day you will die!
yes it you whos going to die,, like everybody else before you.
But that destiney of yours can be in a way such as:::
Getting killed...
or maybe sudden death
while walking or even sleeping
or maybe you are sick enough to kill yourself
by hang
or gunshot
or even smoking
you may even die while performing your duty, whether you liked it ot got dragged into it.
Whatever shape your death took you should be certain that youre going to die..
and then you will burried under ground
and what youll find there?
whom you are going to meet?
Worms will hug you hardly
and your body will perish
That will be the end of your body,, not soul
But lets go back tothe days before you die..
youll be living
and your heart is beating
so since you know the fact of your comming death,,
what are you living for?
What are you dying for?
Whats that purpose of you body parts moves,,,, for what you are eating?
is it something you will regret?
is it something will go with you underground and help you there?
think, reflect
May Allah guide ME and YOU!


  • Sajda! :D säger:

    Vilket inlägg!!! WOW! ;)

    Svar: jo, ma sha Allah! ♥

    2013-05-02 | 13:15:49

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